Zigzag Birthday Card

When I first saw a zigzag birthday card, I know that I have to learn to make one! It’s very interesting-looking.

Zigzag Birthday Card

A zigzag card is different from the rest. It stands out. With such an attractive folding technique, minimal is needed to dress up the card further. That said, it’s entirely up to you as to how you like to decorate a zigzag card.

You can keep it simple and let the folding technique speaks out loud. Or you can decorate it up with details to turn it into a fine masterpiece of work!

Don’t be intimidated by how complicated it looks, once you get the basics down, it’s rather easy and certainly fun to make! And yes, it’s easily folded down to fit the envelop for mailing out.


Card Making Supplies:

  • Green and yellow cardstock
  • Green floral patterned paper from DCWV Floral Paper Stack
  • Butterfly motifs from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Blue gems from Innovations
  • Black pigment-ink pen
  • Adhesive


Card Making Steps:

Zigzag Birthday Card 1

1) Cut a 30cm x 14cm block from the green cardstock. Score it down in the middle and then fold it by half. Next score down the middles of the two flaps and fold them backwards as shown, forming a “M” shape.

Zigzag Birthday Card 2

2) With the card still folded, use a pencil to draw a 5cm wide and 6cm high rectangle from the double-folded edges as shown (2cm or more from the top edge). Cut out the rectangle.

Zigzag Birthday Card 3

3) When you open up the card, it should look like the image shown here with two apertures.

Zigzag Birthday Card 4

4) Fold the card back to its original state. You need to cut two slits here: one at the top of the aperture, and one at the bottom of the aperture.

To do so, use a ruler to measure 3.75cm from the left edge of the card and make a pencil mark. From this mark, cut a 0.5cm vertical slit down the top of the aperture. Make sure to cut through all four layers.

Repeat the above steps for the slit at the bottom of the aperture.

Zigzag Birthday Card 5

5) Cut a block of yellow cardstock measuring 30cm x 7cm. Score down the middle and fold it by half. Next score down the middles of the two flaps and fold them backwards as shown, forming a “M” shape.

Zigzag Birthday Card 6

6) With this folded yellow card (double-edges facing right), measure 3.75cm from the left edge of the card, and make a pencil mark at the top center of the card. Cut a 0.5cm vertical slit down here. Remember to cut through all four layers.

Repeat the above step for the bottom center slit.

Zigzag Birthday Card 7

7) Open up the yellow card and start decorating it.

Cut a strip of the green floral patterned paper and attach it across the middle of the card. Adhere some blue gems to the flowers as flower centers.

Doodle top and bottom scalloped-borders for the green floral strip using the black pen.

Handwrite the greetings on the bottom of card. Add dotted swirls to the top and bottom of the card.

Attach the butterfly motifs to the card as shown.

Zigzag Birthday Card 8

8) Time to fit the slits of yellow card into the slits of the aperture holes. Starting from the left side, gently ease the pairs of slits into each other, one by one, forming double zigzags. You might have to bend the yellow card a little and sometime in opposite direction to its flap, but the slits will fit.

It’ll help things a lot if you read through this guide first and figure out mentally how the zigzag birthday card will work out to be. Then you’ll be making zigzag birthday cards in a zap!

Feel free to check out my simple card ideas for even more inspiration in making your own handmade cards.

2 comments for “Zigzag Birthday Card

  1. Helena P
    June 14, 2014 at 11:25 am

    Love this idea. I’m so gonna use it. Absolutely love it. I think I’ll use it everywhere. Thanks for the idea. ;) :D

    • Fion
      June 16, 2014 at 8:38 am

      Hi Helena,

      I’m glad you’re liking this zig-zag card idea! It’s really an interesting card making idea. With a different mix of patterned papers and embellishments, you could be turning out many stunning cards. Happy card making!

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