Watercolor Birthday Card

You can easily create a watercolor birthday card using watercolor pencils.

Watercolor Birthday Card

Did you do well in school with your watercolor painting when you were a kid? I didn’t do well at all. For years, I didn’t even touch any watercolor supplies till recently.

Instead of using traditional watercolor paints which seem too messy for me, I’m now enjoying the ease and convenience of watercolor pencils. They are easier to use and control too.

I can now add a splash of color to my picture and achieve the watercolor effect by using watercolor pencils, without the mess.

So for this birthday card making guide, I’m going to show you how a few simple steps with watercolor pencils could create a lovely picture you can use as a design for your birthday card.

Card Making Supplies:

  • White card blank
  • White cardstock/watercolor paper
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Cotton swaps
  • Patterned paper from PaperCraft Inspirations Issue 41
  • White, yellow, blue, green cardstocks
  • Adhesive


Card Making Steps:

Watercolor Birthday Card 11) Draw a square on a piece of white cardstock/watercolor paper using a pencil. Color in wave patterns on the paper using watercolor pencils. Color in as if you’re using colored pencils. Use gentle strokes.

Watercolor Birthday Card 22) Dip cotton swab into water and use it to swab on the colored design. Move from one color to another. To have richer-looking colors, don’t dilute your watercolored design with too much water.

Watercolor Birthday Card 33) Once the picture is completely dried, turn over to the back and use your pencil to draw a big star. Cut out your star using scissors.

Watercolor Birthday Card 44) Mount your big star onto a piece of yellow cardstock. Cut on the yellow cardstock following the shape of your big star, leaving a thin yellow border all over.

Watercolor Birthday Card 55) Cut out a strip of patterned paper and attach it to the right-hand of your white card blank.

Watercolor Birthday Card 66) Attach your completed big star to your card.

Watercolor Birthday Card 77) Handwrite your greetings on white cardstock. Cut out the words into blocks. Cut out slightly bigger blocks of blue, green and yellow cardstocks. Attach the word blocks to their respective colored cardstock as shown.

Watercolor Birthday Card 88) Attach your greetings to the card.

Did you enjoy this mini-guide to making a watercolor birthday card? With some simple coloring in, some swabs with water, and you can have a watercolor effect on your design.

I believe you’ll have fun playing with watercolor pencils to create a watercolor look to your birthday cards like I did. Experiment with watercolor pencils and see what you can create for your homemade birthday cards!

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