Shaker Birthday Card

Instead of spending money on buying a shaker birthday card, you can create your own shaker box using a poly bag.

Shaker Birthday Card

Don’t throw away those little poly bags that contain your embellishments. You can turn these poly bags into attractive shaker boxes to use on your birthday cards.

Shaker box generates interest. It adds a dimensional look to your card. You can add in glitters, sequins, mini beads, or confetti into your “shaker box” to spice up the look of your card.

Read on to see how you can recycle a poly bag and turn it into a shaker box in easy steps.


Card Making Supplies:

  • White card blank
  • Poly bag
  • Patterned Papers from DCWV 6″x6″ Floral Paper Stack
  • Blue cardstock
  • Pink cardstock
  • Holographic strip
  • Brads in different shades of green
  • Pigment-ink black pen
  • Adhesive


Card Making Steps:

Shaker Birthday Card Step 11) Cut out a square of blue cardstock that can fit into the poly bag. Cut out a smaller square of blue-striped patterned paper and mount it on top of the blue cardstock.

Shaker Birthday Card Step 22) Pick a nice flower pattern from a patterned paper and cut it out. Mat it with pink cardstock to give it more dimension.

Shaker Birthday Card Step 33) Attach the flower design to the center of the blue-striped patterned paper.

Shaker Birthday Card Step 44) Insert the assembled piece into the poly bag.

Shaker Birthday Card Step 55) Cut up the narrow holographic strip into tiny pieces. You can always replace with glitters, sequins, mini-beads or confetti. Throw in these tiny pieces into the poly bag and then seal it at the back.

Shaker Birthday Card Step 66) Insert brads of different shades of green to form a border for the shaker box. Instead of using brads, you can also stitch a border or staple a border of staples.

Shaker Birthday Card Step 77) Mount the completed shaker box onto the white card blank as shown.

Shaker Birthday Card Step 88) Handwrite birthday greetings using a black pen underneath the shaker box.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to making a shaker birthday card using a poly bag.

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