Printable Happy Birthday Cards

Here’s where you can find printable happy birthday cards to print out to send out or hand deliver to your family and friends. There are many other designs of print birthday cards available on this website.

If you like cartoon characters, you must check out Amber and Ben, the main characters I’ve created for this series of cartoon birthday cards. 12 card designs. Perfect for boys and girls, or for the adults who still adore cartoons.

This page features 6 birthday card designs, mostly of Ben and one of Amber and Ben together. You can check out Amber birthday card designs here.

Before you print birthday cards out from here, please read through my Terms of Use and Printing Instructions. Thank you!

To open up the PDF files, please click on the images.


Printable happy birthday cards - Time Flies

Time Flies

For your friend or buddy. Have a little fun. Express your surprise at how time flies and it’s time again for his birthday once more.

Printable happy birthday cards - Superduper Star

Superduper Star

Wow, make the birthday guy feels really great on his birthday! Let him know he’s been not merely a star but a superduper star!

Printable happy birthday cards - Don't Be Mad

Don’t Be Mad

Another comical one to seek your friend’s forgiveness that you’ve forgotten his birthday. Then promise him you won’t repeat this mistake again… this year. Of course, you won’t because his birthday is already over, therefore this belated happy birthday card!  ;-)

Printable happy birthday cards - Dream Big

Dream Big

Have a friend, family member who’s going after his dreams? Cheer them on with this Dream Big birthday card design. Let him know you’re rooting for him to keep taking actions to reach his dreams.

Printable happy birthday cards - Be Happy

Be Happy

Remind the birthday boy to do things that make him happy on his birthday. After all, it’s his special day to celebrate him.

Printable happy birthday cards - Have a Fabulous One

Have a Fabulous One

Birthdays are happy days, so have a fabulous one! Remind someone of that with this birthday card design featuring both Amber and Ben. Out of this collection, there’s only two card designs featuring them together. Find the other design here.


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