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Save time and money by choosing from my free printable birthday cards! I’ve created these free printable greeting cards for those emergencies where you want a nice card printed quickly out to post out or hand deliver to the birthday girl, woman, boy or man.

Okay, maybe you forgot your friend’s birthday tomorrow. Or you don’t have time to go to the store to pick out a paper birthday card. Perhaps you want to save money because a card may cost around $2-$5 and ten greeting cards would easily cost you one or two nice meals out with your buddy. Or maybe, you just want to maximize your printer, paper and ink. Whatever your reason may be, these are all valid reasons and printable happy birthday cards can be the solution.

I don’t have any proper designing skills but I’ve wanted to create something cute and useful for my site visitors. So I explored an image editing program and soon came up with a bunch of free birthday cards to print out. Well, that was a few years ago and these cards have been printed out quite a number of times by visitors all over the globe for their family and friends. I hope they all like the cards as much as I enjoyed creating them.

For all my printable collections, please scroll to the bottom of this page!

On this page, you’ll find my first collection called Happy Birthday Greetings. There’s a total of 30 designs under this series of print birthday cards, and this page features 9 birthday card designs.

When it comes to designing birthday cards, you would see that flower is a recurring theme for me. Since I was a young girl, I always doodled simple daisy flowers. Perhaps that’s why you can see pretty flower card designs taking up a third of my printable birthday card designs! :)

While many of my free printable greeting cards are feminine designs. Hang on there, I’ve not forgotten the guys! I’ve designed several birthday cards to print for the men and boys, and you can find them scattered over the next few pages. Somehow, most of the guy designs are rather popular among site visitors. Maybe birthday cards for males aren’t as many out there? Just a wild guess.

Alright, before you print out a printable birthday card, please read my Terms of Use and Printing Instructions. To open up the PDF files, simply click on the images. Enjoy!


Printable birthday cards - Two-Tier Cake

1) Two-Tier Cake

An utterly feminine birthday cake design that sort of whispers “it’s a princess cake”. Great for a sweet female in your life.

Printable birthday cards - Circle Flower

2) Circle Flower

A single, happy stalk of circle flower to gather petals of happiness to fall on the birthday woman or girl’s day.

Printable birthday cards - Bouquet of Flowers

3) Bouquet of Flowers

No time or money for a real bouquet of flowers? Here’s a bouquet of assorted flowers showering lovely birthday wishes on the lady’s special day.

Printable birthday cards - Cat Lover

4) Cat Lover

Meow… certainly for the cat lovers! A popular design. So if your cat lover friend’s birthday is coming up, don’t miss out on printing it out for him or her. Hmm… maybe it works too for the someone who reminds you of your favorite kitty cat too.

Printable birthday cards - Blue Stars

5) Blue Stars

These stars are raking in many print outs. For the birthday man or boy. Let him know that he’s a shining star on his special day and remind him to continue to reach out for his stars.

Printable birthday cards - Pink Stars

6) Pink Stars

Simple but these stars work! Shining stars sparkling with glad and twinkling birthday wishes just for the star of the day. Remind the birthday girl or woman to sparkle, shine and continue to be the star of her days.

Printable birthday cards - Happy Blooms

7) Happy Blooms

Not just one stalk but three stalks of circle flowers! Three of you sending this card to a girl friend? Let the three cheery flowers represent each of you. Or simply triple the doses of flower power to the birthday girl or woman.

Printable birthday cards - Onion Boy

8) Onion Boy

I first created the Onion Baby when I made a handmade card for a friend’s baby son’s arrival. My sister and I found it so adorable so I recreated the Onion Baby as a printable birthday card. This is for the boy.

Printable birthday cards - Onion Girl

9) Onion Girl

How can I miss out doing one for the baby girl or the little girl? Here’s the girl version of the Onion Baby.


I have more designs for birthday cards to print out under the Happy Birthday Greetings collection. You can find the guy designs on other pages. Check out all my four printable card collections here:


Collection One:
Happy Birthday Greetings

No. 10-18

Free printable birthday cards

No. 19-24

No. 25-30

Collection Two: Trios

No. 1-12

No. 13-24

No. 25-33

No. 34 – 42

Collection Three: The Girlies

Allie | Codie | Haylie

Katie | Kerrie

Collection Four: Amber & Ben

Amber Designs

Ben Designs

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