Printable Birthday Card

The Girlies 2

Printable birthday card – Print free birthday card from one of my printable greeting cards collections. I’ve designed 4 collections for you to print a birthday card for your birthday girl or guy.

This page features two designs (four choices) from my Girlies collections, which are more suitable for the women and girls. I imagine they would be great for women who possess the mentioned qualities stated on the individual card design. And these cards would be very fun for the younger girls who can even make the girlie on the happy birthday card into a paperdoll.

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Please read through my Terms of Use and Printing Instructions before you print birthday cards from here.

To open up the PDF files, please click on the images. Enjoy!


Girlie Katie

Printable birthday card - Girlie Katie in Green
Printable birthday card - Girlie Katie in Orange

Is your girlfriend all cool and chic? Does she always look calm, collected in most situations and yet maintain an effortless modern chic about her? Girlie Katie is just right for her.


Girlie Kerrie

Printable birthday card - Girlie Kerrie in orange
Printable birthday card - Girlie Kerrie in blue

Have girlfriend who oozes smarts and style? This card design would be great for her. The one who’s not only smart but carries a style about her.


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