Pop Up Birthday Card

People love to receive a pop up birthday card and now you can learn to make one too with the slide mechanism. This is part of the “Make a Birthday Card Tutorials”.

Pop Up Birthday Card

Pop-up cards are so much more interesting. They are more outstanding, command attention and generate much more visual interest.

There’s are various mechanisms you can use to make pop-up cards. You can try making a simple pop up card.

This guide will focus on how to make a pop-up card using the slide mechanism.

The slide mechanism is fairly easy to pick up and soon you’ll be stunning your friends with pop-up cards.

Have fun with this guide!


Card Making Supplies:

    • White and pink cardstocks
    • Patterned paper from DCWV 6″x6″ Floral Paper Stack
    • Black pigment-ink pen
    • Pink brads
    • Double-sided tape


Cardmaking Instructions

Pop Up Birthday Card 11) Cut out two 17.8cm x 12.7cm white cards.

On one card, use a pencil to draw a smaller rectangle, 2cm away from each of the 4 sides.

Pop Up Birthday Card 22) Score along the pencil line on the top of the card for ease of folding. Cut along the pencil lines on the other three sides, creating a flap for the white card. Erase away the pencil lines gently.

Pop Up Birthday Card 33) Turn over this white card and apply double-sided tapes near the edges to three sides of the white card as shown.

Pop Up Birthday Card 44) Stick this piece of white card on top of the other blank white card. You now have a slide-holder.

Pop Up Birthday Card 55) Cut out a semi-circle at the top of this slide-holder.

Pop Up Birthday Card 66) Cut out a piece of tag measuring 17.8cm x 8.7cm using the pink cardstock.

Pop Up Birthday Card 77) Create a flap for this tag by folding up the bottom by 1.5cm. Apply a strip of double-sided tape across this flap.

Cut out two mini-rectangles from each end of the flaps as shown.

Pop Up Birthday Card 88) Slide this tag, with the flap up into the slide-holder.

Pop Up Birthday Card 99) Score the slide-holder’s flap into half and bend it downwards so it can meet the flap of the tag.

Pop Up Birthday Card 1010) Peel off the double-sided tape backing and join the two flaps together. You’ve created the slide mechanism for the pop-up card.

Pop Up Birthday Card 1111) Cut out a piece of 13.8cm x 9.7cm white cardstock. Attach a piece of floral patterned paper to it.

Draw a border on the patterned paper using the black pen. Outline the floral designs with the black pen.

Cut out two pink strips, fold them into halves and attach them onto the top left corner of the card using pink brads.

Doodle fun-looking borders on the borders of the white card using the black pen.

Pop Up Birthday Card 1212) Apply double-sided tape across the lower-half of the slide-holder’s flap, and stick the completed floral card to the flap of the slide-mechanism and voila! You’ve created your first pop up birthday card!


I hope you’ll have fun making this pop-up card. Experiment with various measurements, and you’ll come up with different sizes for your pop-up cards using the slide mechanism.

Tip: If it’s your first attempt, I would suggest you make use of your scrap papers first and after you got the hang of it, then by all means have fun creating your actual pop-up card!


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Slide-Up Fairy (Visitor’s Card)

by Michelle
(Ipswich, UK)

Slide-Up Fairy Birthday Card

Using the guide from this website, I made a few different slide-up cards, here is one of them,

I used a cutting & measuring board, some white card, some patterned paper, and finally to finish off I used a fairy picture.

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