Milestone Birthday Card

A milestone birthday card highlights on the significance of a specific birthday. By using monogram number, it makes the card even more outstanding.

Milestone Birthday Card

There are certain milestone birthdays that call for greater attention in one’s life. Why not give a card that spell out the birthday age in a great big way? Such as with monogram numbers.

Look at the card shown here, you can easily replace the numbers with 1, 16, 18, 21, 50, etc and these numbers will give the card more meaning. One look at such a card, others will know that the recipient has hit a milestone.

You can readily get big chipboard numbers to replace my hand-drawn monogram number. But if you like to save some money and have a little fun creating your own monograms, come follow along with me in creating this cute and fun-looking card.


Cardmaking Supplies

  • White card blank
  • White cardstock
  • Quilt patterned paper from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Checkered patterned paper from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Yellow patterned paper from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Pink gingham-ribbon from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Pink star motifs from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Green corrugated paper from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Little gems from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Black pigment-ink pen
  • Adhesive


Cardmaking Steps

Milestone Birthday Card11) Cut out a narrow strip of quilt patterned paper and adhere to the white card blank.

Milestone Birthday Card 22) Cut a narrow strip of the checkered patterned paper and layer it on top of the quilt patterned paper strip.

Milestone Birthday Card 33) Cut a strip of the pink gingham-ribbon and attach it across the card blank.

Milestone Birthday Card 44) Handwrite a big number “30” on the white cardstock using the black pen.

Milestone Birthday Card 55) Embellish the monogram number with little pieces of yellow patterned papers, star motifs and doodled flowers.

Tip: Use liquid glue to stick on the plastic star motifs.

Milestone Birthday Card 66) Cut out the monogram number with a craft knife. Mount it onto a square piece of green corrugated paper with foam-pads/ glue dots for added dimensions.

Milestone Birthday Card 77) Mount the green corrugated paper onto the card blank as shown using foam pads/ glue dots.

Milestone Birthday Card 88) Optional: To give the monogram number even more sparkle, add little gems/ rhinestones to the flower centers. Use liquid glue to glue down these little gems/ rhinestones.

This card involves a bit of detailed work mainly because of the little gems which is totally optional. Gems can add that extra shine and sparkle to a card, but it also gets a little messy with the liquid glue and with trying to stick them down onto the cardstock.

It’ll help if you have a pair of tweezers to help you pick up the little gems but I don’t and had to struggle a bit with picking them up with my fingers! But it’s still easy and I like how gems/rhinestones add bling bling to the look of the monogram number.

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