Making Birthday Cards for Friends

I enjoy making birthday cards for friends. It makes me happy when friends adore what I’ve created for them.

Making birthday cards for friendsA thoughtful card with handmade love will let your friends know that you care enough about them to send them a card you made yourself. There’s a high chance your homemade birthday card will be tucked away in a box of keepsakes. :-)

There’s many ways to make cards for your buddies, girlfriends or for people you like enough to wanna gift them your creations. Card making inspiration is everywhere if you take a closer look. It can be found in everyday mundane living too.

For example, the idea for this patchwork circle card comes from the pretty patchwork seen on quilts. This idea is perfect to put your little paper scraps to work, which otherwise these scraps will be sitting idle among your paper stash. And it’s rather fun mixing varied patterned paper.

If you’ll like to make something more interesting and don’t mind figuring out measurements, be sure to check out the zig-zag fold card. By following along with the measurements and some folding, you’ll be able to create a dimensional card that captures people’s attention. This card is able to stand upright on its own. A great way for your friend to display your handmade greeting for others to see. Nice!

Is your friend into vintage? Then try looking for some vintage patterned paper and embellishments to dress up your handmade card and bring a sweet surprise to her special day.

Birthdays are happy days to celebrate one’s existence in this world. So splash on the colors to bring cheer and joy! And if you like a simple and straightforward design, take a peek at this:

Not all your girlfriends would be girly girls and sometimes they don’t really fancy sweet or ultra feminine designs. If this is the case, I have two card making ideas you can consider.

Sometimes you can put up inspiring words or encouragement on your card front to pump up your friend’s joy level.

Be kind and find something nice to say, then create a design that supports your positive affirmation. Personalize your inside message and make it extra meaningful. In future when your friend happens to come across your card among her keepsakes years later, your thoughtful words and message will more than likely to bring a smile to her face!

When it comes to making cards for friends, many card ideas will work nicely. Although my cards are categorized into other pages, if you have the time, browse through other pages and you will find lots more homemade birthday card ideas you can apply to make your friends birthday cards!



Celebrate (Visitor’s Card)

by Kim Kramer Creations
(Fayetteville, Ga., USA)

I like to make my birthday cards using a particular interest or hobby the recipient may have in order to make the card more personal. I made this card for my sister-in-law. She loves to garden. And her birthday is in June. So rather than the traditional “Happy Birthday” card, I used a hobby she loves (gardening) as a reminder to “celebrate” the things she loves about her life.

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