Making Birthday Cards for Kids

Making birthday cards for kids can be fun and easy. Whether girls or boys, cute handmade cards would put a smile on their bright, little faces. I have 5 nieces and nephews, so I had several opportunities to gift them my homemade cards.

Making birthday cards for kidsWhen it comes to designing handmade cards for children, cute is the word to bear in mind! It’s kind of a representation of what kids are. Something that looks fun and happy somehow appeals to them.

Well of course, many kids will have their favorite cartoon characters. So a sure win card design is to include their superlove character on your card.

All the images on this page are clickable, so do click on them for bigger images and card making steps.

An easy method is to simply cut out the cartoon character from the children’s magazines, paste on the character sticker, or trim out the character from the toy box packaging. For my Strawberry Shortcake card, it features a large-sized sticker.

Sometimes they might not have a favorite cartoon character but a love for a category of something like robots or dinosaurs. Right below are two birthday cards for boys I’ve made for my twin nephews who were big on robots at one point of their young lives.

Keep a lookout for patterned paper that features interesting prints that could be cut out and turn into the central picture for your card. I’ve found a patterned paper that contains the robot prints so I was able to trim them out and use them on the cards shown here.

Next are two more cards that made use of prints on the patterned paper. One card features a patterned paper that contains birdie prints which captured my little niece’s heart back then. The other would be great for a boy or girl who adores pet dogs, and yes I’ve trimmed out the dog from a doggy patterned paper.

But there might be times when you can’t find the appropriate images from patterned paper. Another option is to create your own!

I’ve hand drawn and doodled a cute paperdoll, a drink, a donut and a cupcake, and cut all these out to be used on a handmade card.

I’ve cut out a felt elephant and I’ve enjoyed working with felt. I’ve also trimmed out a big butterfly shape and pieced together a butterfly.

So try putting together your own when you can’t find your perfect image out there, or you just wanna have some fun piecing together your own image.

Other times you might just want to make homemade cards that show off some cute stuff or idea you’ve found. That’s what I’ve done for the two cards below. One shows off a strawberry paper-piecing, and the other displays three little squares trimmed out from a piece of very cute fabric!

Another kid birthday card idea is to create a photo birthday card! It’s highly personalized and would more than likely be kept as a keepsake.


If you like the idea of using birthday printables to help you in your card making fun, be sure to check out the below cards I’ve made using my own printables which you too can print out, cut out and adhere to your cards to dress them up.


I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed these kids birthday card making ideas I’ve shared with you here. You might want to bookmark this page and visit again for new additions.


Sparkly Lavender Fairy (Visitor’s Card)

by Ramona Hammer
(New York, USA)

Sparkly Lavender Fairy Birthday Card

My granddaughter is turning 8 and loves glittery things. Her bedroom has a fairy theme, so I know she’ll love this birthday card. I made the frame and butterflies using my cricut. The grassy center was embossed on my cuttlebug and inked. The Lavender Fairy was stamped, colored, cut out and layered several times. I added glaze to the wings and some stickles to the rest. Lots of flowers and bling to finish it off!


Birthdays are the Best (Visitor’s Card)

by Ann Craig
(Canberra, Australia)

Birthdays are the Best - Birthday Card with Stamping

The inspiration behind this birthday card for a 7-year-old boy was his gift – a gold fish and bowl.  All the stamps used are from Stampin’ Up!, and the techniques include Stamping; Masking; Water colouring and Direct to Rubber colouring with markers.

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