Making a Birthday Card

Making a birthday card is super easy with this technique!

Card Making 2

Do you need to have a birthday card made quickly? Did you suddenly realize it’s Aunt Jenny’s birthday tomorrow and you need to make a card, like right now?

Lovely birthday cards don’t need a lot of time to make. Of course, if you have one hour to spend crafting out a fabulous card, that’s great.

But most of us can’t afford that kind of time to make cards. Usually, we prefer being able to make birthday cards on demand and in less than 15 minutes. There’s kids to drop off at the school, dinner to make, household chores to do, errands to run, and the list goes on and on…

So, quick card making solutions are can be a saver, and I got one for you.

Right below, I have one super easy technique you can use and apply it to as many cards as you want to achieve different looks!


Card Making Steps

Yes, you read it right. We’ll be tearing some papers today. If you scrapbook, it’s a common technique you probably know. We can apply this simple technique on card making too.

Paper tearing provides an unusual-looking edge in quick time.

If you’ve not tried this super easy technique before, below is the step-by-step guide.

Card Making 2 Step 1

1) Have a piece of white card blank ready. I used a 5″x7″ card here.

Card Making 2 Step 2

2) Either print out a birthday greeting or handwrite one at the bottom of the card.

To save time, handwrite your greetings. But that’s provided you’re comfortable with your handwriting, or you’ve practised and come up with some unique handwriting styles.

Another bonus of handwriting your greetings? It’s absolutely unique and yours truly.

The other way is to print using computer fonts. Computer fonts give your cards a neater look. There’s a wide range of computer fonts you can download from the Internet. But that also means you might spend more time searching for the perfect font, and you have to know how to print it the right way.

Card Making 2 Step 3

3) Select three pieces of printed papers that complement each other.

I chose 3 printed papers from the DCWV 6″x6″ Floral Pack Stack. In this stack, there’s 72 sheets of printed papers that comes in several sets of complementary designs. That makes paper coordination a breeze.

For the first printed paper, I tore one side of the paper down to my desired size. Because the second printed paper will overlap this jagged edge, so I didn’t fuss about it being uneven. You can cut it if you want.

Next, I adhered the printed paper to the white card blank with double-sided tape.

Card Making 2 Step 4

4) See the torn edge at the bottom of the second printed paper? That’s using the paper tearing technique.

To achieve a similar look, be sure to hold down the printed paper with one hand, then tears it towards you using your dominant hand. You will only see the white edge if your printed paper has a white core.

Then I adhered it to the card using double-sided tape, slightly overlapping the top of the first printed paper.

Card Making 2 Step 5

5) Repeat step 4 on the third printed paper. And you’re done!

Making a birthday card can be easy. With this technique alone, you can come up with many designs using different paper combinations. It’s really up to your imagination and what kind of printed papers you have in your supplies.

This card is completed now.

But if you want to add some frills to your card, watch out for the next step. It’s optional as it’ll take a bit more time with this additional step.


Card Making 2 Step 6

6) Optional.

See the doodling on the card? I’ve added some lines and leaves to form a border around the printed papers.

Then to add visual interest, I’ve also added a small piece of yellow card to the top right corner of the card. And I wrote some text on this card.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this step-by-step guide to making a birthday card.

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