Make Your Own Birthday Cards

Patterned Paper Card Ideas

Make your own birthday cards with these fun, easy and pretty card making ideas. Brighten up someone’s day with these happy handmade cards, by having fun with pretty patterned paper.

Make your own birthday cards

Scrapbooking, card making and papercrafts have opened up the market for paper manufacturers to come up with plentiful of beautiful, pretty, cute patterned papers that’s like eye candy. So if you’re making cards, there’s no shortage of paper for you to choose from. It’s more of a matter of which paper to choose from, and which paper will blend or match well with which paper. It can cause dilemma and time wasting while we try to decide on which paper to use… Then mix-matching patterned paper can cause even more hesitation and time running by….

And when you have limited time to make cards like I do, a solution is needed! That’s why I’ve turned to paper packs or paper pads for help. ;) Usually a paper pad consists of well-coordinated assorted design prints that takes the guesswork and dilemma out of mix-matching paper. Some paper pads are single-sided and others are double-sided offering you even more complementary paper choices.

For my homemade birthday cards featured on this page, I’ve used two paper packs for my card making ideas:

  1. Sn@p! Color Vibe 6×6 paper pad by Simple Stories.
  2. So Happy Together by Denna Rutter by Echo Park Paper Co.

As I mostly make birthday cards, I’ve chosen these packs which contain happy colors and fun prints. Birthdays are happy and joyful occasions that call for celebration, so happy, bright, vibrant colors would bring up cheery feelings in the birthday gal or guy.

But if you know the birthday lady or man has a certain color preference, you can incorporate that color in your card making project. Just as I’ve done for this red-based card with big felt buttons. The birthday gal loves red color. Bearing that in mind, I’ve used it as the main color choice.

Make birthday greeting card

Go to red felt buttons card instructions.

Below is another card design based on a birthday girl’s favorite pink color and her liking for sweet, girly stuff. It’s for my 8-year-old niece’s birthday card. For her, I’ve created a sweet and cute design, mixing in ribbon, flower, polka dots and lots of pink!

Make a birthday card free ideas

Go to sweet pink little yellow flower card instructions.

Sometimes, you could be inspired by a design you’ve seen elsewhere. From a scrapbook layout, from another card design, from a magazine… Like I’ve been seeing these cute flag banners or buntings being used in various art & crafts and even on tee shirts. So I gave it a go and created my own buntings for my card design below.

Handmade birthday card idea

Go to color buntings card instructions.

Below is yet another handmade birthday card design inspired by the colorful stripes patterned paper itself. By drawing forth colors picked up from this patterned paper, I was able to come up with the rest of the colors to create this card design quite effortlessly. Yellow for the background paper, green for the ribbon, red for the layer mat for the striped patterned paper. All colors work together to support a harmonious color scheme.

Make greeting card

Go to yellow colorful stripes card instructions.


If you’re looking for more ways to use colorful patterned paper for your birthday cards or cards for other occasions, you can check out the below designs by clicking on any of the images:

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