Jewelry Gift Birthday Card

A jewelry gift birthday card is simply captivating. Not only does the recipient receive a card but a small piece of jewelry as a gift too. This is part of the “Make a Birthday Card Tutorials”.

Jewelry Gift Birthday Card

Yes, you can make something extra special today. By adding a little gift such as a pair of jewelry earrings or a bracelet to your homemade card, your girlfriend will be amazed and truly pleased.

A gift card is quick and easy to make and yet leaves a big impression! Such cards spell efforts and love.

Who knows, maybe the recipient might think that the jewelry looks so good on the card that she’ll leave the jewelry on the card as an accessory display!

Let’s take a look at how this jewelry gift birthday card is created.


Cardmaking Supplies

  • Hot pink card blank from Let’s Make Card Issue 11
  • White ribbon from Let’s Make Card Issue 11
  • Needles / hole punch
  • Pink cardstock
  • Pink-striped and yellow patterned papers from Let’s Make Card Issue 11
  • Epoxy sticker from Let’s Make Card Issue 11
  • Black pigment-ink pen
  • A pair of earrings
  • Adhesive


Cardmaking Steps

Jewelry Gift Birthday Card 11) Get ready a piece of hot pink card blank.

Jewelry Gift Birthday Card 22) Cut a piece of the pink-striped patterned paper and cut it slightly narrower than the card blank. Attach the pink-striped patterned paper to the left of the card blank as shown.

Jewelry Gift Birthday Card 33) Cut a strip of white ribbon and attach it to the left-hand of the card.

Jewelry Gift Birthday Card 44) Pierce two holes on the card blank using a needle. Alternatively, use a hole punch and punch two holes on the card blank.

Cut a small block of the pink cardstock. Cut an even smaller block of the yellow patterned paper. Adhere the yellow patterned paper block to the top of the pink cardstock block.

Measure and pierce/punch two holes on the layered yellow patterned paper.

Attach the pink cardstock to the card blank as shown. Make sure that the two sets of holes are in alignment and can be seen through.

Jewelry Gift Birthday Card 55) Doodle tiny scallop borders around the yellow patterned paper.

Handwrite greetings below the pink cardstock using the black pen. Stick an epoxy sticker to the lower right of the card blank.

Jewelry Gift Birthday Card 66) Insert a pair of jewelry earrings into the two holes.

In less than 15 minutes, you’ll have created a beautiful jewelry birthday card that’s ready to hold your jewelry earrings.

Tip 1: Use light-weight jewelry pieces. If the earrings are slightly heavier, move the hole insertions lower down the card so that the card can still be left to stand on its own.

Tip 2: You can get little card boxes or padded envelopes to mail out your jewelry gift cards to protect your contents better. Hand delivery would make an excellent surprise too.

Tip 3: Want to make some jewelry to put in your jewelry gift card? Click here to learn jewelry making at


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