Handmade Birthday Cards

The Secret to Making Pretty Cards

Attractive handmade birthday cards require fresh card making ideas. When you make your own birthday cards, it’s much easier and more fun when you have a guide to help you along. Shh… there’s a secret to making pretty looking cards.

Handmade birthday cards

Let me share the secret with you. Many cardmakers have been using this approach to create many gorgeous looking cards that not only save them time, but help them create more polished looking homemade birthday cards or cards for other occasions. You can enjoy using this approach too.

The approach is… using card sketches! For me, I feel that I can make better looking cards when I’m following a card sketch. For those times when I sat down without a card sketch in sight, I tended to spend much more time playing around with the placement of elements than actually making the card. And these days, time is limited so I do prefer creating birthday cards based on a card sketch, rather than starting out from scratch.

Recently, I’ve been getting my card sketch inspiration from the ebook, “101 Creative Card Sketches“. In fact, for all the card samples shown on this page, all of them are created by following the card sketches from the ebook closely, or loosely based on the card sketch from the ebook.

For the four happy birthday cards shown above, I’ve used four different sketches from the ebook. For step-by-step instructions to making the these cards, please click on any of the below links:

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Card sketch #48 instructions

Birthday card design

Card sketch #100 instructions


Then to share on the versatility of card sketches, I’ll show you how I’ve used one card sketch to produce three different homemade birthday cards. For this card making project, I’ve used card sketch #4 from “101 Creative Card Sketches” to create the below nice-looking cards.

Homemade birthday cards

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Next, I’ll also share you on how you can make variations to a card sketch and produce even more cute birthday cards! You might not even recognize that these cards are created based on the same card sketch #4 used above, because the final card creations are looking quite different from the original card sketch.

Card making ideas

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