Free Printable Kids Birthday Cards

Here’s where you can print out some free printable kids birthday cards to send or hand deliver to the birthday boy or girl or even adult. There are other printable happy birthday cards available for the men and women on this site too.

I’ve designed 4 collections of print birthday cards and this page features the comic collection. These birthday card designs are based on cartoon characters Amber and Ben that I’ve designed and created. There’s 12 free birthday cards to choose from and you can find 6 of them on this page, mostly featuring Amber.

If you’ve seen or used my earlier printable cards before, you’ll notice that my drawings have evolved to include little cartoon characters. These are my little imaginations translated into birthday cards that you can send to your family and friends. Remember these cards are purely for your own personal, non-commercial use.

Before using any of these printable birthday cards, please run through the Terms of Use and Printing Instructions. Thank you!

Please click on the images to open up the PDF files.


Free printable kids birthday cards - I've Got News

I’ve Got News

Announce someone’s birthday today like it’s good news, and it is! Let the birthday guy or girl know how special he or she is through this cute birthday card to print.

Free printable kids birthday cards - Belated Birthday

Belated Birthday

Oops, forgot a friend’s birthday? Rescue the day with this belated birthday card. Bring a little fun and light-heartedness to brighten up the birthday girl or boy’s day.

Free printable kids birthday cards - On My Mind

On My Mind

A friend or boyfriend’s birthday is coming up? Print out this birthday card and send it out. Let them know they are in your thoughts and you sure remember it’s their special day.

Free printable kids birthday cards - Just Celebrate Today

Just Celebrate Today

This cute birthday card might just cheer up the one who would rather forget how old he or she is. But still it’s a day to celebrate him or her. So color their day with this bright, cheery happy birthday card.

Free printable kids birthday cards -  Little Pleasures

Little Pleasures

Okay, birthday is a special day and it’s the perfect day to indulge in life’s little pleasures, especially for the birthday adult who’s been too busy to slow down and soak in the wonders of everyday life. Remind him or her with this birthday card design.

free printable kids birthday cards

Feel Extra Special

For any birthday boy or girl, man or woman. Let them know their birthday is important because it’s a special day to celebrate him or her. This is one of the two card designs featuring both Amber and Ben in this collection of comic birthday greeting cards.


Be sure to check out the printable happy birthday cards featuring Ben and another one of Amber and Ben together.

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