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I have a range of unique free printable birthday cards for you to choose from. For this page, you can find another 9 of my happy birthday cards to print out from my Happy Birthday Greetings collection.

Here you will find more general designs of a three-tier birthday cake, presents in striking colors, a cute robin, a bucket full of birthday wishes, some funky buttons, and the heart patch, all these would be wonderful for both the men and women, boys and girls.

Then, there’s the classic daisy and sweet cupcake for the lovely ladies and girls in your life.

And oh, a snowman just nice for the birthday man or boy during the winter season.

Before you print out a free printable birthday card online, please read my Terms of Use and Printing Instructions. To open up the PDF files, just click on the images. Have fun!


Free printable birthday cards - Three-Tier Cake

10) Three-Tier Cake

I love how this colorful and fun-looking three-tier birthday cake card turned out. This birthday cake design is bound to brighten up his or her special day. It’s versatile for most birthdays, and I imagine it works for most men and women, whether kids, teenagers or adults. A popular choice among site visitors.

Free printable birthday cards - Daisy Flower

11) Daisy Flower

A big single bloom of the ever pretty and hopeful white daisy flower to let her know that it’s her birthday and she’s someone special in your heart.

Free printable birthday cards - Three Presents

12) Three Presents

A striking color theme on the three presents makes this an attractive birthday card to print out. For both men and women. With black bows that resemble the hearts, print this out for someone you adore or to let him or her know he or she is showered with love and wishes! Another favorite choice.

Free printable birthday cards - Cupcake-Full

13) Cupcake-Full

For the cupcake lover. A whimsical cupcake to bring sweetness, good cheer and best birthday wishes for the girl or woman.

Free printable birthday cards - Bird Day

14) “Bird” Day

This robin is looking so cute, robust, and would add a dose of happiness on someone’s special day. A printable birthday card wonderful for a close friend, the whimiscal girl or the sweet little boy, Or the one whose heart is gladdened by the sight of robins or birdies… Remind the birthday girl or guy to take flight in the direction of their heart’s desire.

Free printable birthday cards - Bucket-Full

15) Bucket-Full

A card with good meaning. If your heart is full of warm wishes for the birthday girl or guy, this print birthday card is just right. A bucket to hold in all the warm wishes you’re pouring in. Also a nice card for a colleague or friend who’s going to embark on a new undertaking or adventure.

Free printable birthday cards - Funky Buttons

16) Funky Buttons

A fun and colorful happy birthday card design to brighten up the day of a teenager or perhaps the fun-loving adult! A fun one for your crafty friend too.

Free printable birthday cards - Heart

17) Heart Patch

For the boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse to send to their sweetheart. For someone whom you adore. For the crafty friend to send her some handmade love.

Free printable birthday cards - Wintry Birthday

18) Wintry Birthday

Well, the snowman says it all. A very apt birthday card design for the man or boy whose birthday falls during the winter time.


Be sure to check out my free printable birthday card under my Happy Birthday Greetings collection for more designs for the men and women in your life.

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