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Free printable birthday card – Here’s more of my free printable greeting cards designed especially for birthdays! You’ll find another of my 6 designs for you to select to print out for your family and friends.

On this page, there’s more feminine cards, one general card design for both men and women, and one just for the birthday guy. Oh and not forgetting the Happy Sweet 16th birthday card for the teenage girl!

Please read my Terms of Use and Printing Instructions before you print out a birthday card. To open up the PDF files, simply click on any of the images. Enjoy!


Free printable birthday card - Swirls

19) Swirls

For some reason, this is my most popular printable greeting card! The combination of smooth and zig-zag swirls are catching many eyeballs. I had fun creating the assortment of swirls in various shades of pink. Pretty for any female’s birthday, really.

Free printable birthday card - Bestest Wishes

20) Bestest Wishes

A simple, big, bold flower in a lovely shade of pink with a yellow center, carrying with it the bestest wishes on her special day. Just nice for a friend, your best friend, a woman colleague, your sister.

Free printable birthday card - Word Flower

21) World Flower

This word flower design somehow has a rather zen feel to it. A symbolic flower with each of its 10 petals carrying beautiful words such as Happy, Joy, Laugh, Smile, Hope, Wish, Bliss, Peace, Health and Beauty to signify the many heartfelt wishes you have for the birthday card recipient.

Free printable birthday card - Happy Sweet 16

22) Happy Sweet 16

Check this out, this printable greeting card is my only full-colored page card design in the whole series. Happy Sweet 16, a milestone birthday card. For the sweet girl who just turns 16. The color scheme is sweet, happy and definitely catching attention. Perfect for the lovely girl. A hot favorite choice!

Free printable birthday card - Sweet Wishes

23) Sweet Wishes

A subtle color theme in shades of grey and black, sending sweet wishes in the form of three different attractive flower designs.

Free printable birthday card - Special Guy

24) Special Guy

For your boyfriend, husband, the special guy in your life. Or simply your son or nephew who’s so special to you. All words, in masculine colors.

If you like the above designs, do check out for the final 6 Happy Birthday Greetings card designs under print birthday cards.

2 comments for “Free Printable Birthday Card

  1. Erick
    November 22, 2015 at 9:07 am

    Thank you for a very nice decoration for a gift-box. Nice designs, real talent. Sincerely Erick

    • Fion
      November 22, 2015 at 8:57 pm

      Hi Erick!

      I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed using the printable to decorate your gift box! Thanks for sharing your way of using these printables. :)

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