Collage Birthday Card

A collage birthday card looks amazingly creative and refreshing. Not to mention that it’s so easy to make one.

Collage Birthday Card

Plus you can make it all by using up your paper scraps. That’s exactly what I’ve done for this card. I gathered my little patterned paper scraps and used them on this card. Including the 3-D greeting sentiment. I plucked it out from one of the many commercial greeting cards that were about to be thrown away.

Creating a collage card is similar to opening up a present. You never really know how it will turn out until you completed the card. Usually the end result can be quite pleasing.

Don’t be deceived by how complicated it looks, making such a card is very simple. Perhaps you’ve even attempted it as a class project many years ago.

Let’s start making one today!


Cardmaking Supplies

    • White card blank
    • Paper scraps from DCWV Floral Paper Stack
    • Greeting sentiment from a commercial greeting card
    • Adhesive


Cardmaking Instructions

Collage Birthday Card 11) Take out your stash of paper scraps. Start filling in the “jig-saw puzzle”.

    Simply tear away at the edges of each piece to form a roughly-shaped rectangle and attach it to the white card blank using a glue stick. Exception – when it’s a piece that’s to be attached to the edge of the card blank, leave the edges straight-cut but tear away at the other corners.

Do vary the sizes of your paper pieces. Try to spread out the colours and patterns all over the card blank to create a sense of balance.

Collage Birthday Card 22) Attach the recycled greeting sentiments to the top center of the collage using 3-D foam pads, to add dimension to the card.

Alternatively, for an even more homemade look, handwrite your birthday greetings on a piece of white cardstock and attach it to the collage using 3-D foam pads for a raised effect.

That’s all to it! Isn’t this a very short guide? It’s one of my card making articles with the least steps of instructions, and yet the effect of a collage card is stunning!

So I hope you’ll think twice now before throwing away those little paper scraps. Save them into an envelope or a little bag and when you have a handful of them, start your collage-making process again and create another stunning-looking card.

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