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Flower and Floral Birthday Cards

Find card making ideas using flowers or floral designs in creating homemade cards right on this page. You can have lots of fun making feminine cards to give to your female family members, friends or coworkers using floral patterned paper, flower cutouts, felt flowers, etc.

Although my site focuses on making birthday cards, all the card ideas here can easily be adapted into cards for other occasions.

Many women have a thing for floral designs. Me too. So it’s not surprising to find that many of my birthday card designs revolved around flower prints or floral designs. There’s really many lovely floral patterned paper out there and sometimes it’s a dizzying experience trying to decide which to buy and then which to use!

Sometimes I would let the floral patterned paper be the focal point, and use a big block of it to show off the beautiful flower prints as you can see from the below 3 card examples. This is a quick and easy way to make use of floral patterned paper and display out the floral design. Do click on the images for more details and the card making steps:

Card Making Ideas - Sweet floral birthday card


A fun way to create pretty cards is to make flower cutouts, sometimes layering the flowers sometimes not, but definitely letting the dimensional flowers take center stage on the card. In fact, I’ve used this technique a good number of times as you can see from the below images:


Then another way to feature flowers is to create felt flowers. Felt is a nice medium to work with. You can just cut out the shape you want and it doesn’t fray at the edges like fabric does. You can either stitch along the edges of theĀ  the flower to add more interest or leave it alone.


I’ve also tried trimming along the outline of flowers from patterned paper, and then adding fabric flower to the card for different textures of flowers.


These are just some ways to making use of flowers and floral design in your card making project. There’s so many possibilities when it comes to using them on your handmade cards.

I’ve also designed some flower printables which you can print, cut out and adhere to your cards. Check out the cards I’ve created using them here, or you can look at the printables right here.

So turn the flower power loose on your cards!

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