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How about a card making idea that uses your throwaway catalogs or magazines and empty food boxes? This is part of the “Make a Birthday Card Tutorials”.

Sofa Birthday Card

It takes less than 10 minutes to make one!

You don’t always have to buy fresh supplies to make birthday cards. There’s many stuff in your house that you can recycle and use them on cards.

Scout around your house, it’s likely you’ll dig up a few good stuff you can use to make cards.

This birthday cardmaking idea is especially great if you’re looking for ways to save some money and to help do some recycling.

Another money-saving idea is to recycle old birthday cards. Here’s where you run through your batch of old greeting cards and see if there’s any worthwhile images you can cut out and use. Then with a few personal touches, you’ll come up with a “new” birthday card, ready to be sent off to someone else.

For the card shown here, I found this neat-looking sofa image from a paint shop catalog. This catalog was about to go into the recycling bin. But before it did, I picked up this image to be used on my card.

Have fun coming up with creative ideas on recycling materials for your birthday cards!


Card Making Supplies:

      • White square card blank
      • Image from catalog
      • Empty food box
      • Word sentiment from Papercraft Essentials Issue 24
      • Black pigment-ink pen
      • Double-sided tape


Card Making Instructions:

Sofa Birthday Card 11) Cut out image from unwanted catalog, leaving a thin white border around the image.

Sofa Birthday Card 22) Attach image onto the backing of an empty food box. Draw a square around the image with a pencil. Cut out the square block.

Sofa Birthday Card 33) Attach the word sentiment across the image. Draw a border around the word sentiment using the black pen.

Sofa Birthday Card 44) Handwrite birthday greetings across the top of white square card blank. Mount the completed image block onto the white card blank, titling it slightly as shown.

Isn’t that a quick and easy card making idea? It’s money-saving too.

Start keeping an alert eye on beautiful images from catalogs and magazines you can cut out and use for your cardmaking projects.

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