Card Making for Kids

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to card making for kids. If you want to help your kid with cardmaking, this tutorial will be the easy guide to bring out your child’s creativity.

Card Making for Kids

Kids are inherently creative. Get them to express their creativity through cardmaking. With a few basic craft supplies and a lot of encouragement, your kid will be making attractive birthday cards in quick time!

Remember always to encourage your kid. Prompt him along but give him room to explore and express himself. If your kid wants to use some colors that you see as strange, ask him why he chose that color and he’ll let you know. Then you’ll be amazed by the thinking that goes on in his little head.

This guide will focus on two parts. One part is to have your kid look for nice or cute images from magazines he could cut out and use on his card. The second part involves him drawing some simple shapes.

And you know what? This cardmaking guide isn’t for kids only. You could use the very same guide to create cards for your kids too!

OK let’s get going and have fun!


Cardmaking Supplies

  • White card blank
  • Cut-out image from You magazine from The Mail on Sunday (UK)
  • White cardstock/watercolor paper
  • Black pigment-ink pen
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Black inkpad
  • Green cardstock
  • Adhesive


Cardmaking Instructions

Card Making for Kids 11) Let your kid browse through some magazines and cut out his favorite images to be used on his card.

Card Making for Kids 22) Let your kid draw some clouds and a smiling sun, or you can help him to draw it using pencil on white cardstock/watercolor paper. Then trace over the pictures with the black pen. Next let him color in the drawn pictures with watercolor pencils. Or he can use colored pencils/crayons/markers.

Cut out these hand-drawn pictures.

Card Making for Kids 33) Draw a semi-circle on the green cardstock and cut it out. Ink the edges with the black inkpad. Adhere the semi-circle to the bottom half of the white card blank.

Card Making for Kids 44) Adhere the clouds and sun to the top of the white card blank. Adhere the cut-out image from the magazine to the green semi-circle.

Card Making for Kids 55) Handwrite your greetings with the black pen as shown.

Card Making for Kids 66) Draw a thin border around the card using the black pen.

I hope you enjoyed this card making for kids. It’s a simple way to create a fun and cute-looking birthday card for a kid. Your kid can vary the looks on the card using this guide simply by using different cut-out images and hand-drawn pictures.

How about getting your kid’s craft supplies out and sit down with him now for a fun card making session?

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