Birthday Messages

Having a little trouble writing your own birthday messages? Browse through my new collection and pick a birthday card message to pen down in your card.

I know many of you have been stumbling over what to write in your card, or what message you should send over to honor the special day of a family member, friend or colleague. Words don’t come easy to express what you want to say. Worry not, I’ve sat down and written out a new list of special messages you can use.

Please not these messages are for your personal use only.

Run through this collection and pick the one that speaks to you. Maybe some parts of the message don’t resonate with you, no worries, just edit those bits till the message is personalized for your own use.

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Birthday Card Messages

Today is the day, your birthday is finally here today! Let’s celebrate! Your birthday is no doubt a cause for many toasts, joyous cheers and a bucket of crazy fun! The perfect excuse for us all to gather and get a little wild and all happy, just for a funnily fun person like you!


Happy Birthday my dear friend! I wouldn’t miss the chance to say how much I really appreciate having you as my great buddy! My life is more because of you. Burdens are halved, joys are multiplied, and fun are doubled up! Looking forward to another great year of adventures, adversities, and advancement together!


Ignore the wrinkles, overlook the frowns and creases, you are one handsome looking chap with a youthful heart! A weathered face is so much more profound, holding so many more stories, so many memories created together with me… Remember, to me, your heart is unwrinkled. Happy Birthday my old man!


A youthful heart knows no frontiers. Regardless of how old you are in age, a youthful spirit knows now is the time to dream new dreams and set new goals! Ever advancing, one step at a time. Happy Birthday!


Your age now is the best age ever. Embrace it and enjoy the special joys of being at this age. You’ll only be at this age for a year and then up it goes! So enjoy the rest of your 38!


Some people feel old at 23 while others feel young at 56. You belong to the lather group, and you have so much life and energy and zest for living in you! It’s a privilege to share numerous experiences with you as you continue to inspire, awe and encourage many like me out there. Thanks a ton, and wishing you the most amazing birthday ever!


Happy Birthday! Don’t you feel extra special, wonderful and excited on your birthday? Imagine how your life would transform if you can feel like it’s your birthday at the start of each brand new day! I’m sure you’ll garner a lot more fun, excitement and power into the way you live the rest of your days.


Happy Birthday! You’ve grown and earned another year! As you earn more years in the future, I wish you’ll also earn stuff, either material or immaterial, that means the most to you in your heart!


Smile big! You’re still healthy at your age! That’s such good fortune! Good health is something that can’t be bought with money and something that money can’t buy when it’s gone. So treasure each day that you still have your good health! Happy Birthday!


You are always the perfect age for me. When we were young, we would hang out together for hours and talk about everything and nothing. Then in our 20s, we still hang out together ever so often. Now that we’re in our late 30s/40s/50s, we still hold on to our long running friendship, and cherishing the times we do get to hang out together. So know that you’ll always be the right age to be my very good “old” friend! Happy Birthday!


Mom, Happy Birthday! Fret not, you’re not old. You’re still new. Look at the way you order me to keep my room tidy, get my laundry done, get up now, not to stay out late, stay out of trouble and do my best! You run me like a new engine, day after day, year after year. Old people don’t have that kind of engine. You have.


Dad, Happy Birthday! Your silence and strength made you a hero in my eyes as a kid. Now that I’ve grown up, I still appreciate your kindness and your desire that I live my life as a good person should. You might not say much, but I can feel your care and concern in your quiet eyes. You’re still the man I look up to. Thank you for being my Dad!


Thank you for brothers/sisters! Without you, I wouldn’t be what I am today. Without you, I wouldn’t have someone to complain, fight, compete with in the house. I wouldn’t have a partner in childhood crimes. I wouldn’t have learned the meaning of brotherhood/sisterhood. I wouldn’t appreciate having someone who stands by me and look out for me always. You’ve made my life mean so much more. Happy Birthday Bro/Sis!


Of course you are different from the rest. You are such a special boy to Mommy and Daddy. You’re irreplaceable, so full of life, antics, and mischiefs. The twinkle in your eyes, the limitless energy you have, the unconditional love you shower upon us. We’re so blessed to have you as our little boy. We look forward to spending more days and years with you. Happy Birthday Son! We love you lots.


Yes Mommy and Daddy know you want to be a princess. Sweetheart, do you know you’re already a princess in our hearts? Your pretty little face, your sweet smiles, your love and care for your family and friends, your willingness to share your favorite toys with your best friend Emma, all these make you a princess who loves and cares. Happy Birthday to you, our dearest Princess!

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