Masculine Birthday Cards to Make

Here’s several masculine birthday cards to make for the men in your life. Create homemade cards for your dad, son, boyfriend, guy friends and male coworkers. Let them feel acknowledged with your handmade creations.

For male birthday card ideas, I like to keep to a simple and clean design as many men tend to go for fuss-free and clean cut look. That said, some of my birthday card designs here can be slightly more fanciful for a masculine card, perhaps to shake things up a bit. :-)

Masculine birthday cards to makeLet’s say you know that the birthday guy has a hobby, a great idea would be to feature his favorite pastime in some ways on the card. For example, if he likes fishing, you can feature fishing when you make the card.

One of the simplest ways to create a birthday card is to shine focus on the age. This “35” birthday card is a great example. Milestone ages like 50 or 60 years old also give the perfect excuse to create milestone age birthday cards like the below two examples.

When it comes to decorating the numbers, there’s a number of ways to do it. You can freehand draw out the numbers and cut them out like I did for the “35” birthday card. You can also look for number die cuts, number chipboards, print and cut out the numbers, or hand cut out the numbers from a stencil like I did for the “60” card.

Another way to make your own birthday cards easily is to follow a card sketch and you can create a number of cards just from one sketch alone. Below are two masculine cards I’ve created based on one card sketch.

Then the next two cards are also based on another sketch. One following the sketch exactly while the other is made by altering the card sketch slightly.

Here’s another man birthday card idea based on a card sketch. But for this one, I’ve used splashes of bright, bold colors to create a more vibrant male card design.


To make your card designing a breeze, I’ve designed some birthday printables which you can print out, cut out and then paste them onto your cards. Following are two simple and clean-looking birthday cards for men I’ve created using my own printables.


If your guy is more trendy or more open to slightly elaborate card designs. You can try out the below designs:


For the younger guys or the more artsy boys in your life, you can consider card designs like the following three cards. When I did the two owl cards, owl designs were the current trend.


Do come visit this page again as I would update it with more cards as I make them.

Have fun making your own cards for your guys!


Simple Masculine (Visitor’s Card)

by Ramona Hammer
(New York, USA)

Masculine Birthday Card

This was such a simple card to do, but great for a guy. I used the cuttlebug “bird call” folder to emboss just the bird in different shades of green. Using a Scor-Pal, I scored various lines on the card, around the stamped sentiment and added a ribbon. Easy!

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