Birthday Card Verse

Find a great birthday card verse from this site! Browse through this collection of birthday verses I’ve written. May you find a suitable one to use in your birthday card.

Do come back to check on this ever-expanding collection of birthday verses. I’ll add to them whenever I have more ideas on verses.


Birthday Card Verses

A cuddly birthday for a very affectionate and loving you. Hugs and cuddles.


When’s the best time to tell you this? That you’re one extra-special being whom I so love being with! Have a fabulous birthday!


Dear sister, today’s the day when I’ll let you outshine me and I promise I won’t get back at you for being such a terribly…. sweet sister! Happy Birthday to you!


This handmade card brings with it, all the sincerest and bestest wishes I could ever wish for you. Wishing you many wonderful things! Happy Birthday!


For my favorite person in the world, I wish you all your favorite things on your birthday!


Because you are so dear to me, I want you to see that I have you right in my mind and heart… Just look at this card I made you. It’s so overflowing with invisible loving wishes, one for each day of the year ahead!


Have a Fanta-Bulous Birthday! I couldn’t make up my mind whether to use fantastic or fabulous, so I decided to use them both for a happy someone like you!


This card is made/sent with 2 cups of love, 1 cup of joy and 3 tsp of laughter. May this be the best birthday ever!


My calendar alerted me, my phone alarm prompted me, and my memory reminded me. It’s a very important day today and I remember it so very clearly. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


May the year ahead be filled with love, joy, abundance and all the good things you want of life!


Just for you, may all your best dreams come true. May you always find the courage, resources and support you ever need to bridge you to your dreams! Happy Birthday!


Know how to bring more excitement to your birthday? Uncover secrets. I have a big one to tell you… Shhh… But that’s for next year.


What could possibly beat having a handmade birthday card in your hands? Have a great birthday filled with handmade love!


I have lots to say, but I refrain myself from doing so and cluttering up this card. So I simply decided to stick with, have the biggest birthday fun ever!


The good news is I forgot your age. The better news you look the same like five years ago. The best news is I remember it’s your birthday today!


You’ll only be 16/18/21 once, so wear your fanciest dress and brightest smile and have the bestest birthday ever and ever!


No, the usual birthday cards just won’t do for someone like you. You deserve the very best, and this is the best birthday card I’ve ever made so far and it’s all for you!


The only people whom I send my handmade birthday cards to are people who have a special place in my heart. Now that you’re holding one, I guess you know you are that someone right?


For all the ups and downs we’ve been through, you’ve shown yourself as an outstanding friend. I truly appreciate our special friendship. Have an extra OUTSTANDING Birthday!


How can someone at your age ever looks so beautiful to me? Then I realized, your character, your grace, your wisdom and your kindness all bespoke of a life lived long and lived well, and I have much to learn from you in the years ahead. Happy Birthday Granny!


There’s much to celebrate in life and your birthday is a call for a big celebration. On this day, let’s rejoice and celebrate you!


Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend who deserves many beautiful tomorrows!


Good news must be shared! I couldn’t help but wanting to wish you a very Happy Birthday!


As you grow, I keep looking forward to see you how you’ll be in a year’s time. Because you know what, you make growing up seems like fun! Happy Birthday!


Hope you spend your birthday doing something you love with the person you love.


Thinking of you on your birthday make me well up in pleasure and warmth. That’s the kind of effect you have on people!


You work hard and you carry your responsibilities well. Just for today, slow down, kick back and enjoy your birthday!


I have an enormous birthday wish for you. That is, you’ll be loved enormously much for the rest of your life!


Have you looked? This card is smothered with smiles and kisses I’ve sent your way! Happy Birthday!


Don’t get all choked up. It’s just a handmade birthday card filled with love.


Don’t get cranky at another birthday. Antiques like you should avoid adverse conditions to be kept in good condition for more years to come!


I thought I made your birthday present too big, until I realize how nicely it fits in the envelope! Happy Birthday!


This handmade card flew across a thousand miles just to send you my best birthday wishes and loving thoughts on your special day. Have a great birthday!



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