Birthday Card Poem

A birthday card poem could really jazz up a birthday card, and you can use my poems for your personal use!

If you’re stuck for penning your own birthday poem, but would really like one for your card, browse through the poems I’ve written below and hopefully there’s one you like enough to put it down in your card.

Enjoy these little poems and do come back again for updates, I might add more whenever inspiration strikes!


Birthday Card Poems

Today’s a special day,
Because my wonderful friend,
Whom I spent many a happy hour with,
Is celebrating her birthday,
And I fully rejoice in her being,
She who brings a sparkle to my life!
Happy Birthday to you, my dear friend!

I heard a rumor,
That it’s your birthday today,
And I couldn’t resist,
The very temptation,
To wish you all the
The very best wishes,
Because you truly rock!

Once upon a time,
A star was born,
Right into this earth,
To bless many a soul,
And that very star,
Has gone on shining,
Through the ups and downs,
Of her very special life.
On this very special day,
I thank her for her stardust,
And wishing her a very
Starry Starry Birthday!



Today always bring to mind,
A special person whom
I really care about,
Because his very existence,
Brings such abounding joy,
A huge sense of warmth,
And an endless supply of love,
Right into my life and my heart.
Happy Birthday, my love!

Wishing you the nicest things,
For all the kind words you’ve spoken,
For those times you were there with me,
For the tears and laughter we shared together,
Revealing your heart of sincerity and kindness.
Best wishes on your Birthday!

Say who?
Say me.
Say him.
Say her.
Say everyone.
Hip, hip hooray!
It’s your birthday!
Have a great one!

I’ve been waiting for this day for so long,
Where all my saved-up wishes
came tumbling out one by one,
Wishing you wonderful things,
Wishing you hugs and kisses,
Wishing you happy days,
And right this very moment,
Wishing you a happy, happy birthday!

Sometimes a simple wish just won’t do,
When I’m wishing for the very best,
For a special someone like you,
From today and all the days ahead,
Know that you have all my bestest wishes,
To a happy and joyous life,
For each and every day!

Every year this day,
I’m once again reminded,
How thankful I am,
To have a wonderful daughter like you,
Whom I truly adore with all my heart.
Have a beautiful birthday Claire!

How time flies,
How I’ve seen you grow,
What a blessing it is,
To have someone like you,
Whom I’m so proud,
To call my son.
Happy 12th birthday Mark!

The glorious sun told me,
Today’s a very special day,
To celebrate the birthday,
Of a very special being,
Who so brightens up the day,
For so many other beings,
And she so deserves,
Only the nicest things,
And bestest wishes,
For the happiest days ahead!

Always a kind word for others,
Always a warm hug that soothes,
Always a ready smile for everyone,
The world is so much nicer,
Simply because you are here,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


You are just a little boy,
But how you cheer us up,
With your toothy grin,
Your absolute friendliness,
Your bountiful energy,
Taking our breath away,
We so adore you,
Happy Birthday Benny!

Through the years,
We’ve spent many birthdays together,
Celebrated many moments together,
Watched each other grew up together,
Through it all we survived,
Many a great things together,
And on this very day,
I’m so thankful once again,
To have the chance to say,
My dearest sister,
I love you always and
Happy Birthday to you!

For someone like you,
Who have a special place in my heart,
Make life moments much sweeter,
Make the hard times more bearable,
Make me feel so much better,
For that I truly appreciate you,
And wishing you only wonderful things,
On your birthday!

You’re one of the best people,
I’ve ever had the good luck to meet,
Who reminds me of a colorful rainbow,
Bringing shades of joy and laughter,
To the lives of people around you,
On this very special and lovely day,
All I could see are pictures of rainbows,
Making me bursting with joy and smiles,
Wishing you an absolutely great birthday!


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