Feminine Birthday Card Ideas

On this page I’ll be sharing homemade birthday card ideas you can make for your sisters, girlfriends or female coworkers.

I started making handmade cards in 2006. Let’s just say that I’ve made many more feminine cards than masculine cards. I have my mom, sisters, girlfriends, and nieces to make cards for.

Feminine birthday card ideas - handmadeIt’s fun making feminine cards for the women in my life! Be it sweet colors, flower embellishments, pretty ribbons, beautiful patterned paper, or cutesy stuff, I simply adore using these in my card making.

Well, birthday card designs for guys tend to be more subtle and toned down. And I can hardly use ribbons… But cards for women can be as floral, sweet, pretty, cute or whatever. And women tend to appreciate the thoughts and efforts that go into these handmade greetings.

When women know that it’s a handcrafted card, the card hardly get tossed into the bin even long after her birthday was over.

Women feel special when someone took the time to make her something, so these are cards that they enjoy keeping.

Keep the passions of the female you’re designing the card for in mind. Is she a shopaholic? Then perhaps you can find some patterned paper that features her favorite pastime.

If it’s a milestone age like 30th birthday, calls attention to it by using chipboard numbers and a bold red background to highlight such a memorable occasion.


I don’t know why when it comes to making my birthday cards for my mom, I like to go for bright, bold colors and many flowers…

Remember I mentioned about using cutesy stuff in card making? Well, sometimes I might think of the birthday girl and the word “cute” just pop into mind, and I just wanna create something cute like an adorable birdie that takes center stage on the card. Other times, it’s about a current trend… like cute little owls that appear in digital collage, patterned paper and more!

Since birthdays are special, happy occasions, I enjoy using happy colors in creating my homemade cards. And once in a while, I might even overindulge and cover up the card with plentiful of assorted ribbons! ;-)

Or if I’m feeling adventurous enough and am in the mood to try out something new, I might even attempt a new card making technique such as the diamond-fold card or the zig-zag fold card below.

Think about it, wouldn’t it be fun if 10 years down the road, your mom, sisters, girlfriends, the important women in our life, have in hand a little collection of your homemade cards? What’s more, each of these birthday cards is special and unique, not found anywhere else. How exciting!


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Celebrate Birthdays (Visitor’s Card)

by Ann Craig
(Canberra, Australia)

Celebrate Birthdays

The simplified shape of the floral image inspired this birthday card. It is quite graphic, and I wanted to soften that a little so I used a modified version of the Rock’n’Roll technique. I then worked back into the image with a Blender Pen and some ink from the classic ink pads to give details and depth around the stamens.


Brocade (Visitor’s Card)

by Ann Craig
(Canberra Australia)

Brocade Birthday Card

I made this birthday card for my daughter who loves pink and pearls. The Stampin’ Up! Pretties Kit was perfect for supplying the half pearls, stick pin and crystals.  I used the Brocade Basics stamp set (Stampin’ Up!) and an Emboss Resist technique of stamping.


Maroon Dreams (Visitor’s Card)

by Marleen Jones
(Gloucestershire, UK)

Maroon Dreams Birthday Card

For this birthday card, I used a gorgeous piece of maroon-coloured corrugated layered paper from a chocolate box.   I cut it up to fit the size of my card blank. Using black thread, I sewed in stitches on the four edges before pasting it down with glue.

I used several recycled items for this card. The light lilac-coloured flower paper was from another card. The black-bronze tag was a lovely clothes tag! I found the bronze butterfly print on the clothes tag gorgeous so I used it.

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