A Cute Birthday Card Idea

Here’s a  cute birthday card idea that you can use for your next cardmaking project. Recycle the backings of notepads or thick empty food boxes and turn them into chipboard embellishments!

Buttons Birthday Card

Chipboards have been a popular trend in scrapbooking for a while now and you can also use chipboards to doll up your cards. But… the costs of premade chipboard embellishments can add up fast.

So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and to do a bit of recycling, save a few of those backings of notepads or thicker empty food boxes and get creative.

With a bit of drawing, colouring in and cutting, you’ll be on your way to making cute chipboards to embellish your birthday cards.


Cardmaking Supplies

  • Pink and white cardstock
  • Green patterned paper from Papercraft Essentials Issue 24
  • Backing of notepad/empty food box to be used as chipboard
  • Soft pastels
  • Black pigment-ink pen
  • Adhesive
  • Paper glaze/Mod Podge


Cardmaking Instructions

Buttons Birthday Card 61) Fold the pink cardstock into a tent-fold card. Cut out a block of green patterned paper with scalloped-borders using freehand or decorative scissors. Attach it to the center of the card.

Buttons Birthday Card 52) Handwrite greetings on white cardstock and cut it out. Round the corners of the block using freehand or a corner rounder. Draw borders around the greetings using the black pen.

Buttons Birthday Card 73) Attach the completed greetings to lower half of the card.

Buttons Birthday Card 24) Draw five circles on the chipboard using a pencil. Color in the circles with soft pastels.

Buttons Birthday Card 35) Draw smaller circles and “button holes” on these colored circles using the black pen.

As the colors of soft pastels can “migrate”, put a piece of scrap paper over these “buttons” and burnish them with your fingertips.

To seal in the colors and to give it a glossy finish, apply a thick layer of Paper Glaze or Mod Podge.

I didn’t have either of these, and so I ended up applying a layer of my multi-purpose white glue which dried to a transparent finish that worked in sealing in the colors.

Let the buttons dry completely.

Buttons Birthday Card 46) Cut out the five “buttons”.

7) Repeat Step 4-6 to create a thin red strip. Alternatively, you can use a red ribbon strip.

Buttons Birthday Card 88) Attach the red strip/ribbon to the top of the card. Arrange the five buttons and mount them to the card as shown.

Optional) Look at the picture at the top of this page. To make the card stands out even more, I doodled frames on the pink border.

Did you enjoy this birthday card idea? I hope you have a glimpse into how much fun you can have creating your own handmade chipboard embellishments for your birthday cards. You can be creating buttons, big alphabets, flowers, etc using this method.

There’s many possibilities you can come up with. Chipboard embellishments are great at adding dimensions to your card and making it extra cute-looking!

Feel free to browse through this site for more simple card ideas.

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