Paperdoll Birthday Card

Paperdoll birthday card idea is inspired by the paperdolls of Elsie Flannigan. Her paperdoll idea looks so cute and easily adaptable to different looks.

Let me say that I have limited drawing experience and far from being an artist holding a charcoal pencil or paintbrush. But hey when I saw the paperdoll idea, it looks “drawable” to me and so I tried, and I think it’s turning out alright. ;-)

Paperdoll birthday card

After trying it out myself, I found it to be great fun and it’s really quite easy. With little embellishing, the card is created fairly fast. Best bit, it requires very few supplies.

Sometimes, attractive things can spring from a simple idea. This card needs no fanciful paper, just paper and pens and the doodling can be done.

So take out your black pens and start doodling some! Wondering what type of girl you should be drawing? Incorporate features that you know are characteristics or favorites of the birthday honoree. It can become a very personalized card for him or her.

For my card, the girl is spotting a hairstyle and top usually worn by the birthday girl. Bubble tea, donuts and cupcakes are among her favorites!


Card Making Supplies

  • Yellow and white cardstocks – Bazzill Basics
  • Black pens – Uni Pin Fine Line, Zig Memory System “Millennium”
  • Watercolor pencil – Staedtler “Luna”


Card Making Steps

  1. Create a cardblank with bright yellow cardstock.
  2. Doodle paperdoll and little items on white cardstock. Use watercolor pencil to add “blushes” to the girl’s face. Use a fine-tipped scissors to carefully trim out the items. Attach them to the cardblank as shown.
  3. Use a black pen to handwrite the birthday greetings directly onto the cardblank as shown. Done! Fast and simple. It’s really a great idea when you’re short on supplies but loaded up on doodling fun!


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