Birthday Card from Recycled Cards

Birthday card from recycled cards is not only recycling-friendly but help to save some money too.

Recycled Birthday Card

Don’t go dumping away your batch of birthday, anniversary, thank you cards and such. Before they go into the waste bin or recycling bin, run through them to see if there’s anything you could salvage and use on your card making.

Don’t miss out on ribbons, tags, pop-ups and cute pictures that could be easily trimmed off the unwanted cards. Remember to cut out useful word sentiments too.

That reminds me, if you happened upon any beautiful wrappers, you can also recycle them on your cards!

For this card that I’ve shown here, except for the card blank, almost all the stuff you see on this card are taken from a recent batch of birthday cards that my boyfriend’s mom had wanted to throw away. So let’s see how I’ve made this card in a short guide below.


Card Making Supplies:

      • White card blank
      • Purple floral patterned paper from recycled cards
      • Purple checkered patterned paper from recycled cards
      • Purple ribbon from recycled cards
      • Black pigment-ink pen
      • Adhesive


Card Making Instructions:

Recycled Birthday Card 11) Draw a wave border on the right-hand side of the purple floral patterned paper. Cut along the drawn line and attach it to the left-hand side of the white card blank.

Recycled Birthday Card 22) Cut a strip of the purple checkered patterned paper. Adhere a strip of the purple ribbon on top of the strip of purple checkered patterned paper.

Attach the completed purple checkered patterned paper strip to the left-hand side of the card.

Recycled Birthday Card 33) Doodle a mini-scallop-border along the wave border of the purple floral patterned paper using the black pen.

Handwrite the greetings slightly above the mini-scalloped border.

Tip Not confident of your handwriting? Practice your writing on a piece of scrap paper first. After you’ve decided on the “font” you’ll like to use, use a pencil to write out the greetings on the actual card. Then go over the greetings with the black pen. Gently erase off the pencil markings.

In less than 10 minutes, a “new” card is created and the only cost involved is the cost of the white card blank! I hope you enjoyed this easy guide to making a birthday card from recycled cards.

It’s very possible to create many cards from recycled cards. Of course, what you can put on your new cards will depend very much on what you could get out from your recycled cards. Usually from a single batch of recycled cards, you might find several pretty accents that can be used.

From that batch of recycled cards that I’ve recently rummaged through, I could easily create another 4-5 new cards.

You can even turn this card making session into a little fun challenge with your friend or sister. See what the two of you can come up with using only materials from recycled cards!

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