Aperture Birthday Card

An aperture birthday card is always popular. There’s tons of ways to dress up the aperture to create a beautiful effect!

Aperture Birthday Card

An aperture birthday card is where a shape such as an oval, heart or circle is cut out leaving a see-through hole on the card. You can buy ready-made aperture cards and there’s quite a number in the market with different aperture shapes.

But if you just have normal card blanks like I do, then a craft knife and a steady hand are all you need to create an aperture card.

You can add patterned paper to “cover up” the hole like the card shown here. You can also add a dangling embellishment to the aperture which can be very stimulating visually. Or you can even fill the aperture with iris-folding or a photo.

For this card, I’ve also added a bit of wirework to spruce things up a little.

For this piece of wirework, you need thin wire, beads and heart confetti with holes and you’re ready to start. Of course, if you have tools such as a roundnose pair of pliers, it’ll make twisting the wire loops much easier. If you don’t, like me, you can manage with a pair of tweezers which can be a little tricky. But still can be done.

Okay, shall we get into dressing up an aperture card now?


Card Making Supplies:

  • Blue card blank
  • Yellow patterned paper from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Blue patterned paper from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Blue corrugated paper from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Thin wire
  • Pliers or tweezers
  • Blue beads and blue heart confetti
  • Two pink brads
  • Blue ribbon
  • Two blue and two pink motif flowers from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Orange gems from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Greetings from Let’s Make Cards Issue 11
  • Black pigment-ink pen
  • Adhesive


Card Making Steps

Aperture Birthday Card 11) Draw a circle on the front of the blue card blank with a pencil using a compass or a dish. Cut out the circle with a craft knife to create an aperture.

Draw along the circle aperture with the black pen to create a rim of border.

Next doodle a scalloped-border around the circle aperture. Draw tiny circles in each alternate semi-circle on the border.

Aperture Birthday Card 22) Wirework: Use a pair of pliers to twist one end of the thin wire into a small loop. Thread a mix of confetti hearts and beads into the other end. Once done, twist this end of the wire into a small loop with the pliers.

Underneath the circle aperture, pierce two holes about 5cm apart using a needle. Then attach the wirework onto the card blank by inserting brads through wire loops and card blank holes.

Aperture Birthday Card 33) Cover the back of the aperture with the yellow patterned paper, so that the design could be seen from the front of the aperture.

Aperture Birthday Card 44) Cut a strip of the blue patterned paper and attach it across the bottom of the card blank.

Trim two small rectangles of the blue corrugated paper, and attach one to each end of the blue patterned paper strip.

Attach a blue ribbon to the top center of the circle aperture as shown.

Aperture Birthday Card 55) Mount the motif flowers around the aperture as shown. Adhere one orange gem to each flower as a flower center.

Aperture Birthday Card 66) Adhere the greeting to the center of the yellow patterned paper.

Doodle borders along the top and bottom of the blue strip using the black pen.

Aperture Birthday Card 77) Doodle a border along the edge of the card blank as shown.

This is one example of how you can work with aperture birthday cards. You can always explore with adding a dangling embellishment or photo to your aperture.

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