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Fion - October 2013Hello! I’m Fion. Welcome to my handmade birthday cards blog.

I started scrapbooking in early 2005. A year later, looking at my growing craft supplies, I thought these same supplies could be used to make handmade cards.

I’ve seen how some scrapbookers transferred their scrapping creativity to making cards.  So I thought I would try it out myself. Soon, I discovered that it’s rather easy creating homemade cards because the “canvas” that I have to work on is on a smaller scale than a 12″x12″ scrapbook paper.

Why homemade birthday cards? Simply because birthdays are special days to celebrate someone’s wonderful existence on this earth, and I feel good making something special for that person! :)  I started giving out my handmade cards to my family and friends. The feedback has been positive and encouraging so far. Recipients are usually delighted and feel special to receive a handmade card.

So this blog is to share with you my card ideas and the printable cards I’ve designed. Let’s spread more handmade birthday card love to those around us! And for those urgent times, where you don’t have the time to make your own cards, browse through my printable card collections, choose a design, print it out and give it away!


Happy making cards,
email: fion@making-birthday-cards.com

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